• Commercial Property

    Snow & Ice Management

Track your sites

Log in from anywhere in the world to check the status of your site. See which services we performed, notes we took, and manage your billing all in one convenient portal. 

You can rely on us to keep your properties safe through every storm. 

As a commercial property manager, we know the risk you face when dealing with dangerous winter conditions on your property. We've developed our services around mitigating that risk and taking the burden off your shoulders. We've structured our snow removal routes so that we have ample time to service each of our properties during a snow event.  We perform 24-hour snow and ice management services. We check site frequently before, during, and even days after a storm has passed. 

For commercial property owners managing one property to those managing multiple sites, our convenient customer portal allows you to log in at all hours of the night from anywhere in the world to see: 

  • When your property was last serviced

  • Any details and notes related to that service

  • Photo proof with timestamps so you know exactly when we were there and what we did on your property. 

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Residential Customers: TruScape is a commercially-focused snow & ice management firm. We require a minimum of 5 residential properties on the same street/vicinity to provide residential services. We do not service individual residential properties. We recommend reaching out to your neighbors to see if enough of them may be interested before we provide an estimate.