Our Mission:

To create a sustainable & professional outdoor service company that esteems itself in quality, convenience, and reliability. 

Our Team:

We care about the people in our organization! Without our people our company couldn't transform our customers' properties. Want to join our team? Click the button below to see available positions. 

Jimmy Patterson

Owner & Managing Partner

Shane Covalesky

Owner & Managing Partner

Kendall B.

Maintenance Division Leader

Autumn Y.

Office Administrator

James B.

Maintenance Technician

Dylan B.

Installation Technician

Our Core Values:


Our customers have told us that they believe that TruScape is simply a different kind of company — a business that gets the job done with quality results and passionate employees. We believe there's nothing more important than completing our projects with accuracy and efficiency. We founded this company with a desire to build a customer base that trusts us with their properties and knows that we will leave high quality results on their projects. A customer base that gets to enjoy time with their friends and family with the peace of mind that their outdoor spaces are managed and in capable, creative hands.   

We strive to always have a solution to the problems people face in their properties. We aim to always stay on the leading edge of industry standards and techniques. As we continue to grow, we place our focus on remaining the highest quality company in the Westmoreland County area. 

Our Process

At TruScape, we put systems in place so that we can create consistency in our customer experiences. We know that everyone and every project is different. That's why we've implemented three separate customer experiences for you to choose from for your Design/Build projects. 

Bronze Experience

You provide the photos & measurements.

We provide the proposal!

Silver Experience

On site consultation where we discuss the project details, give recommendations,  and bring samples.

Gold Experience

All the benefits of level 2 plus your choice of a 2D or 3D design with a video walkthrough! 

Preliminary Stage:


Once you've chosen the experience you believe best fits your project and budget, we can schedule our phone consultations and in person consultations if necessary. We believe it is our job as green industry professionals to understand your vision for your project and apply our knowledge and expertise to create the best possible outcome for you and your property. 

Planning & Approval:

We correspond with you through each step of our process to make sure you stay in the know. We provide 2 complementary proposal revisions in case you need to make changes before you approve the proposal! Our proposals provide clear and concise insight into the exact scope of work we plan to perform. 

Bringing Dreams in to Reality:

Our convenient customer portal allows you to track when your project is scheduled and view progress notes and photos while we're on your property. Should you need to make a change during the process, our change-order process is quick and convenient to keep project details clear and documented. We always perform a final walkthrough with our customers before leaving their property to make sure you're completely satisfied with the work we've performed. 


For our employees and clients, prioritizing safety is non-negotiable. Through in-depth employee orientations and specified equipment training we work as a team to routinely monitor, measure and maintain the highest level of safety. This ensures every workday begins with clarity and confidence and ends with each employee returning home safely.

  • ‍Morning Safety Huddle: TruScape employees participate in a daily morning huddle in order to warm up for the day and discuss any relevant safety topics.‍

  • Routine Reviews: We continually review our on-site injury data, near miss reports, process standards and safety goals.‍

  • Equipment: We are dedicated to ensuring that all machinery and personal safety equipment is maintained to the highest level.‍

  • Safety Training: Each new hire undergoes background testing, a drug screen, an intensive safety orientation and specific equipment training.

  • Safety Organizations: To ensure that we are knowledgeable about the latest safety trends and practices, we are members of The NALP Safe Company Program.