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Our Story

From Mowing Lawns to Managing Commercial Landscapes

TruScape LLC, founded in January 2020, began as a collaboration between two passionate entrepreneurs, Jimmy Patterson and Shane Covalesky. Both had previously navigated the challenges of starting their own lawn care businesses, learning valuable lessons along the way.

Their meeting through a national lawn care Facebook group sparked a partnership that would soon become a beacon of quality and professionalism in Western, PA. TruScape was born out of a shared vision to provide unparalleled customer service on a small scale. But something extraordinary happened as the company began to grow.

As TruScape connected with larger entities and listened to the needs of the community, a new aspiration emerged. The small-scale operation transformed into a mission to scale excellence, to reach more homes, more businesses, and more lives. The goal was no longer just to serve but to become a household name synonymous with quality, integrity, and beauty in lawn and landscape services.

In February 2023, the company evolved once again as Shane Covalesky pursued other paths, and Jimmy and his wife, Leah, became the sole stewards of the TruScape vision. This transition marked a new chapter, but the core values remained unshaken.

Today, TruScape stands as a testament to what passion, commitment, and a relentless focus on customers can achieve. From a Ram 1500, a trailer, and a single zero turn to a thriving enterprise, TruScape's growth is not just a business success story; it's an inspiration. It's a promise to every customer that no matter how large we grow, our dedication to you remains at the heart of everything we do.

Our Mission:

At TruScape, we are committed to enhancing the communities of Western, PA, by providing exceptional lawn and landscape services. Our growth symbolizes our dedication to serving our employees, property managers, and neighbors, fostering a thriving environment where community well-being and sustainability are at the forefront of all we do.

Our Team:

We care about the people in our organization! Without our people our company couldn't transform our customers' properties. Want to join our team? Click the button below to see available positions. 


Jimmy Patterson

Founder & President

Leah Patterson

Owner & Vice President

Our Core Values:


Our customers have told us that they believe that TruScape is simply a different kind of company — a business that gets the job done with quality results and passionate employees. We believe there's nothing more important than completing our projects with accuracy and efficiency. We founded this company with a desire to build a customer base that trusts us with their properties and knows that we will leave high quality results on their projects. A customer base that gets to enjoy time with their friends and family with the peace of mind that their outdoor spaces are managed and in capable, creative hands.   

We strive to always have a solution to the problems people face in their properties. We aim to always stay on the leading edge of industry standards and techniques. As we continue to grow, we place our focus on remaining the highest quality company in the Westmoreland County area. 

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Our Service Area

Our Target Market

At TruScape, we cater to a diverse and substantial clientele, offering services that meet a wide array of landscaping needs. Our clients range from commercial property managers, industry, and governments to estates and large-scale residential properties. We work closely with senior housing and apartment complexes, ensuring their outdoor spaces are as vibrant, inviting, and accessible as their interiors. In addition, we prioritize services such as commercial hydroseeding, snow and ice management, and commercial lawn and landscape maintenance, including to big box stores. Regardless of the type of client—be it a commercial establishment, a government building, or a residential community—our commitment to quality, detail, and customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of what we do.

Commercial & Residential Landscape Construction

From erosion control & lawn establisment to plantings and landscape install, TruScape has the tools and expertise to help guide your commercial development to successful completion. 

Commercial Maintenance

We provide comprehensive commercial maintenance services that preserve your property's aesthetics and functionality, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain pristine and inviting throughout the year.

Estate Maintenance

Our estate maintenance services cater to high-end properties, offering meticulous care and attention to detail that keep sprawling landscapes lush, vibrant, and impeccably manicured, enhancing the property's value and beauty.


For our employees and clients, prioritizing safety is non-negotiable. Through in-depth employee orientations and specified equipment training we work as a team to routinely monitor, measure and maintain the highest level of safety. This ensures every workday begins with clarity and confidence and ends with each employee returning home safely.

  • ‍Morning Safety Huddle: TruScape employees participate in a daily morning huddle in order to warm up for the day and discuss any relevant safety topics.‍

  • Routine Reviews: We continually review our on-site injury data, near miss reports, process standards and safety goals.‍

  • Equipment: We are dedicated to ensuring that all machinery and personal safety equipment is maintained to the highest level.‍

  • Safety Training: Each new hire undergoes background testing, a drug screen, an intensive safety orientation and specific equipment training.

  • Safety Organizations: To ensure that we are knowledgeable about the latest safety trends and practices, we are members of The NALP Safe Company Program. 

​​​​​Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship

TruScape is deeply committed to sustainability, recognizing it as one of our core values. We believe in responsible stewardship of the environment and strive to incorporate sustainable practices in all our landscape maintenance and construction projects. Our approach includes the use of eco-friendly materials, efficient water management, and the implementation of innovative techniques that minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint. By prioritizing sustainability, we not only contribute to the well-being of the environment but also offer our clients in Westmoreland County, PA, solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. Our dedication to sustainability reflects our integrity and professionalism, aligning with our mission to provide quality services that stand the test of time. Here are just a few examples:

Mulching Cippings

We practice mulching grass clippings, returning essential nutrients to the soil, promoting lawn health, and reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers.

Composting Leaf Waste

Our recycling of leaf waste into compost transforms organic matter into valuable soil conditioner, enhancing soil quality and supporting sustainable landscaping.


Through precise irrigation timer management, we optimize water usage, ensuring efficient watering schedules that conserve this vital resource while maintaining landscape vitality.