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    TruScape offers complete and custom maintenance packages to encapsulate every outdoor service your property needs.
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TruScape is a full service lawn care and landscape maintenance company located in Greensburg, PA. We are proud of the advanced system we've created to comprehensively manage every aspect of our customers' landscapes. Our Maintenance Plans combine all of our customers' requested services into easy monthly payments. Not only is this more affordable, but it allows our customers to know what to expect each month. We even offer auto pay for those who want a hands off maintenance experience. 


We offer a comprehensive list of services for every aspect of your property. Click on the service name to learn more.

Have a more in-depth project? Head over to our design-build page for more complicated projects. 

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Turf Care
Turf Care
Lawn Maintenance

Maintain a weekly manicured appearance of your lawn. We follow scientific turf grass standards to maintain your lawn at its peak health. This service starts at $120/month. 

Fertilization & Weed Control

We use high quality fertilizers and herbicides to keep your lawn green, thick, and weed free. Our applicators are licensed to apply pesticides with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Rest assured, your lawn is in great hands with our 6 step program. 

Flea & Tick Control

We love our furry friends. That's why we highly recommend our lawn flea and tick treatment. Protect your children and pets and keep your yard flea & tick free!

Compost Top Dressing

This service is quickly gaining popularity based on its ability to provide beneficial nutrients and moisture retention properties to your lawn. By adding a thin layer of compost year after year, you're adding great organic matter to your soil which gives your grass a healthy place to live and thrive. 

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration & overseeding is a great service to loosen compaction in your lawn and allow oxygen to reach your lawn's roots. We follow up with overseeding using our premium seed blend to thicken up any of those bare spots you may have. 

Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter pest control creates a barrier around your home to keep unwanted insects out! Create an invisible barrier around your house.

Bi-Annual Trimming & Pruning

We follow horticultural standards when trimming and pruning your ornamental plants. Give all your plants the care and maintenance they need while helping them maintain an aesthetic shape. 

Landscape Bed Weed Control

This service is performed monthly to keep those "volunteer" plants out of your beautiful landscape beds. We use multiple methods to kill, remove, and prevent weeds from making a home where they shouldn't!

Seasonal Leaf & Debris Cleanup

Leaves can quickly become an unsightly problem during the fall and winter months. Our spring and fall cleanups quickly remove leaves and debris from your property leaving it looking sharp!

Annual Mulch Installation

Nothing beats a fresh top dressing of mulch. Add mulch installation to your maintenance plan to keep your property in top shape year after year. 

Annual Bed Edging

Every spring we'll come and redefine that crisp edge that separates your lawn from your landscape areas. Tip: when paired with lawn maintenance, your edge gets maintained on a weekly basis to keep grass from encroaching on your landscape. 

Perennial Cut Backs

Some perennials can't handle cold weather well. They don't remain attractive after the first frost, and the cold can lead to recurrent problems with pests and diseases. But cutting back certain perennials can protect them from the cold and spark healthy growth come spring.


Payment Plans:

We've implemented three separate payment plans for you to choose from. We know everyone's different so we've given you flexible options for payment based on your style and preferences!

12 Month Interest Free Maintenance Plan

Seasonal service total is divided equally into installments January through December.

Seasonal Prepayment

Pay your seasonal total in advance in exchange for a 5% discount!

Pay as You Go

This plan requires a card on file that is charged each time we visit your property. 

Regardless of your choice, our convenient customer portal allows you to pay online by credit card. Our portal also allows you to view previous invoices, approve estimates electronically, view job photos and comments, and even request additional services! You're even able to set up autopay for a hands off billing experience! We still gladly accept personal checks if you'd prefer not to pay by card. 

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